Easy Domain Monitor Beta 2

We’ve just closed Beta 2 milestone. There were some changes to feature set in milestones and we’ve had to spend more time on indexation check to stabilize it.

Work Done

  • Uptime monitoring.
  • Pagespeed monitoring.
  • Social Chart with FB Comments, FB Shares, Google Plus +1, LinkedIn Shares, Pinterest Pins.
  • Integration with EBN.
  • Other cleanup tasks.

Work Planned for Beta 3

  • Blacklists.
  • Whois information.
  • SEO Tab – adding top backlinks, top anchors and top subpages into a separate SEO tab on domain info page.


We’ve received a lot of feedback in the last month and we’ve heard it! Here’s a short summary.

Numbers instead of graphs for DA and TF/CF

Seems like most people preferred number-based metrics instead of small graphs. We’ll be moving back to numbers in the Public Launch milestone with the new user interface.

Ahrefs and SEM Rush metrics

We’ll research their API and see how we can integrate their ratings.

Better Tagging and Filtering

This was definitely on our todo list even before we received feedback. With the new user interface in Public Launch milestone, we’ll also be improving tagging and filtering of domains.

You can leave feedback and vote on ideas on our Feedback page.